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Steve Boss: “the commitment of the family is the main strength”


If you like food, you’ll like his program, Great Taste, on air every Wednesday on KRUU, Fairfield, Iowa.

Steve Boss is an excellent host and entertainer. Food has always been more than a passion for him. He will tell us about Guerzoni products and his approach to food, offering an unique prospective about organic and biodynamic.

What do you like most about Guerzoni products?

     These are tough questions because I like each product for what it is, and its unique application in the kitchen and for the table.  The most important element to me with all of Guerzoni’s products is the commitment the family has to its biodynamic production system, and the sense of family purpose that imbues every aspect of the business whether the activity is related to the grapes or the packaging of the products.

Which is your favorite one and how do you  use it?

         I have to pick one?  This is too difficult.  OK.  I will do it, but I have to repeat that it is not possible for me to pick a favorite.  One really unique product is Saba.  I love its consistency and color.  It’s perfect on waffles or pancakes-not too sweet with a very distinctive, deep grape flavor.

 Why today is important to talk about organic and biodynamic?

         The real important issue is not organic or biodynamic.  They are elements, of course, that are critical to nourishing and replenishing the soil that in so many countries has been mistreated.  We must remember that good soil is made up of living organisms, and its health is the key to whether we produce food that nourishes us as human beings.  Cultivating the soil organically, biodynamically, though is the process through which a caring and dedicated farmer expresses a subtle understanding of his or her role as a steward of the land.  The farmers then are the key to transforming our agriculture.  Producing food that enriches and respects the soil’s organisms will directly lead to more harmony in society.

Your favorite recipe with Aceto Balsamico Guerzoni

         I am drawn to a more simple approach to food.  My favorite dishes are those where you can taste each food’s contribution distinctly.  Also, where the tastes provide an experience of wonder. Traditional applications like a little drop of aceto balsamico tradizionale on a small chunk of parmigiano reggiano, vanilla ice cream with aceto, ripe strawberries with a twist of black pepper and a little aceto-these are my favorites.  A bowl of lentil soup finished with aceto balsamico Guerzoni is a must.  But, the most amazing recipe of all is preparing these taste treats and watching others experience these amazing combinations for the first time.

In your recent live show you talked about pizza. Tell us more how the aceto balsamico can be used in a pizza

         I think using aceto balsamico on pizza is something I need to spend more time researching (because it sounds like a lot of fun).  When I make my next batch of dough, and think about toppings, aceto will be on my mind.  I’ll have to let you know what I discover, but my favorite way to use it is a little drizzle with figs, caramelized onions, and gorgonzola.

Mosto d’uva, more than a grape juice. A medicine coming from old tradition

The “Mosto d’uva” Guerzoni is made according to old Italian and traditional  recipes  used to prepare grape juices . What in Italy we call “Mosto”, comes from the first pressing of the grapes and then cooked slowly together to the same grape skin, in order to improve the flavor and color; It is finally pasteurized and bottled without the addition of any preservatives.
It is therefore ideal for the production of sugoli; but its intense flavor makes it a pleasant drink, a  unique grape juice. The ideal is to drink it fresh with or without the addition of water. Mosto d’uva is also considered  kind of therapeutic for those who follow and are on a grape cure.
We asked Morimi Kobayashi, who runs Casa Morimi company, based in Japan, what she thinks about Guerzoni products and Mosto d’uva.
Morini Kobayashi
What do you like mostly about Guerzoni products?
They are very natural, very essential, very tasty. We love how they work from the earth to the final products with the art and the spirt of the artisans of food.
What do you like about Mosto d’uva? 
We have always a sensation that we drink a very tasty medicine. We often call it “drinking injection” that cheer us up when we feel tired. I love the very complex long lasting favor.
What does your company do?
 We are importing the high quality artisanal food. Mainly organic ( even not certificated) . Our mission: We deliver Quality and Passion.
How do you like the idea of biodynamic and organic?
 We appreciate Biodynamic because it is about enriching the soil. Rich soil and the care of the producers make the food nourishing and tasty. We  care Natural products and its quality. The certification matters us less in comparison with the quality.

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