Today we met Marlene Mazzei, who  owns and runs a gourmet store in Merano “Gutes aus Italien” and distributes the finest Italian products in Northern Italy and Austria, including the Guerzoni products. She talks about how important is to choose  organic and biodynamic products.

Marlene, let’s start with the latest edition of the Grand Prix of Merano, which was held at the end of September

The event was about  the Grand Prix of Merano, as well as about wine and culinary excellence of Italy, including the Guerzoni Acetaia products.

Why you chosed Guerzoni products?

Their undisputed high quality and growing interest in bio world.

The fact that  the company is the only organic and biodynamic vinegar company in the world. They aren’t other companies like this.

What is the feedback from the customers?

Customers like being able to taste the products.  Talking about the products is not enough. When they taste the Guerzoni products they really love them.

The most popular products are the White Balsamic vinegar, for its sweetness and Balsamic Vinegar IGP Gold selection for more gourmet combinations (with ice cream, fruit, cheeses, special salads, etc ..). Although during the Grand Prix of Merano the protagonist was the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena D.O.P. which was awarded with the “Merano Award GOLD”.

 Biodynamic and organic. How important are these concepts today?

Most people know what organic means, there is still a bit ‘of confusion on biodynamic but almost all are very interested in getting to know more. We also noticed that German customers (Austrian and German) almost always know what “Demeter” is because  Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian!

What kind of items you sell in your store and  how you select them?

Our product range includes more than 250 items, including Balsamic Vinegar IGP, olive oil, pasta, spices, sausages, pickles and much more. For almost 15 years our serious work has been appreciated by many shops that sell  our selected products  in Italy and abroad. Our daily commitment is to provide our customers the best Italian products.

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