Lorenzo Grani, owner of Cafeteria am Rathaus, an Italian restaurant that also sells gourmet products in Osnabrück, Germany tells Guerzoni Blog why he has chosen Guerzoni.

 What made you to choose Guerzoni ?

The answer is quite easy: Quality and an unbeatable taste.

 Three features of Guerzoni products that you believe unique?

Unique taste,  Bio-Demeter, the right price for a great product.

 What are the products you mostly use?

We use the “red”, “white”, the “cream”, “mosto”,“saba” and “gold”. We use the “red” and “white” for salads or to give a special touch to different sauces or vegetables. You should taste the mussels with a splash of “white”; The cream is used especially for the starters, like vegetablesand caprese salad, but also to dress and decorate pasta dishes like ravioli.

The saba and the mosto are used to make the sorbet and other desserts. The Gold instead is more for luxury dishes, and we sell it to a Gelateria which uses it for very special cups!

 What do the Guerzoni customers love the most? What is the feedback you receive?

Customers love and the same things that we so. The particular taste that can not be found in any other product, and the right price for a very good and high quality product.

Let’s talk about your restaurant.

We have a small restaurant, or I better call it a Trattoria with traditional Italian cuisine on one hand, but also very experimental on the other side. For example, we use products such as Hemp, Baobab, or creams made with almonds.

This is what clients appreciate mostly.

We have a mill and a pasta machine, so we do everything in-house, as well the flour from ancient grains such as spelled or Saragolla.

Organic and biodynamic. How these factors have affected your choice?

I was looking for a biodynamic / organic product, and I found Guerzoni at the Biofach in Nuremberg. So I would say they were, and are, high quality products!

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