Passion, enthusiasm and 93 recipes sent  for the 2016 food contest “Panino svuotafrigo” promoted by l’ Acetaia Guerzoni of Modena.

After the success of  the 2015 contest, where the finger food theme was chosen for the contest, this year the idea was to create a recipe with a panino using  the leftovers from the  fridge. And  of course two Guerzoni products: the White Organic Demeter and Cream with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI Bio Demeter. The success was overwhelming. Many recipes along with beautiful pictures led to the awarding of the three winners:

Tiziana, the food bloggers from “Deliziose virtù”won the contest  with a panino made with soft potatoes in parmesan crust , filled with asparagus omelette and caramelized onions with balsamic vinegar.

The second winner is “Sweet Cake” by Lalla , with an omelet panino with carrots, foam of Robiola cheese and cherry tomatoes. And finally, the third winner is the author of the blog “Sweetbiodelicious” who prepared  a veggie burger with  lupini, zucchini, radishes and cream of balsamic vinegar. Recipes were all fresh, summery , using healthy ingredients, easy to prepare. But also contemporary and refined where the vinegar was used to enhance flavors and fragrances.

Now Azienda Guerzoni is ready to publish the ebook, soon downloadable on the website, which will collect all the recipes that have participated in the contest.