“Nutrire il buono che viene dalla terra” (“Feeding the good that comes from the earth). A slogan, that Acetaia Guerzoni chose for finger food contest 2015, which fully shows and talks about the philosophy of a company that has always combined the traditions, respect of man and earth, with modernity.

Without any compromise that betray consumer loyalty.

In the Finger food contest 2015, Acetaia Guerzoni, asked food bloggers to realize a recipe  to prepare in twenty minutes and to eat with your hands, using the organic and biodynamic Guerzoni balsamic vinegars .

108 recipes came to the contest which now became the content of this e-book. The company from Modena wanted to create a tribute to its consumers, to share with them his products and present a new face, always up-to date with the times .

The three winning recipes were chosen for being able to interpret the taste and authenticity of the products Acetaia Guerzoni.

All the others, enclosed in this e-book, become a precious recipe for readers, and culinary heritage for the company.

This e-book “Feeding the good that comes from the earth”, is a precious example of how passion, pride, love for nature and respect for the earth, are a precious heritage for the future.

The same heritage that the family Guerzoni pursuing with courage, focusing on the history and craft of quality that has made and makes the Made in Italy today the pride of our country in the world.

The recipes  are an interesting and personal interpretation using the organic vinegars. Salads, fish, meat and even cocktails, they all have in common the use of the Guerzoni products.

You can find some recipes like eggplant rolls with the white vinegar, kebabs, meatballs, cookies, white chocolate, salted sbrisolona, ​​the cannoli pacchero with red onion.

And many other dishes and recipes to be discovered.

To download the free ebook click the following link: